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Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018

Batman Arkham City Release Date Announced, New Screenshots

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Batman Arkham City Release Date And New Screenshots announced

New Details have emerged for Batman Arkham City, the sequel to blockbuster Batman Arkham Asylum. Tuesday, October 18 will be the release date in North America on Xbox 360, PS3 adn the PC. It will launch on October 19 in Australia and on October 21 in Europe and other territories.

With the Batman Arkham City release date announcement comes a trio of new screens which you can drool over in high resolution by clicking the thumbnails below. The screens introduce the Joker's one-armed Lieutenant, show Batman hanging over magma, and show the entrance to the Sionis Industries steel mill.

Sony's Blog manager James Gallagher followed up the release date announcement by sharing some details about his visit to Warner Bros. London office where he got to watch about 30 minutes of the game play out. During this time he learned that when you take Batman off the linear path of the game - which offers around 5 times more area to explore than Batman Arkham Asylum - and explore the side areas, you'll find character-driven options that aren't necessary to complete the game but definitely add to the experience. Examples given were answering a phone call from Zsasz or finding an informant with some new information.

A journalist during this demo asked if Batman Arkham City would have missions like the Scarecrow ones in Batman Arkham Asylum. Developer Rocksteady responded that part of the reason the Scarecrow missions were so successful is that they were a complete surprise. Likewise they're not about to spoil any of the planned surprises in Batman Arkham City by talking about them or using them in the marketing materials.

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