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Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018

Sony PSP2 ( NGP) or Nintendo 3ds?

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which one is better sony psp2 or nintendo 3ds ?

We have heard the news that tomorrow Sony might unveil the official PSP2 system, after so many rumors surrounding the device, and with the Nintendo 3DS specs already out, we were wondering based on the information and speculation available to us, which device would be the winner in this portable platform fight?

Now we want to make clear to the reader that this analysis is just trying to take an "educated guess" as to what device will be the winner in certain areas, mainly due to the fact that the specs on the PSP at the time of the writting of this article have not been finalized. So take our words as a grain of salt.


We already know about the official specs of the Nintendo 3ds, and as far as we are concerned, these are just awesome. Cameras that allow you to take 3d pictures and 3d gaming with no glasses are features that we have never seen before and that we think might give the edge to the 3ds as far as hardware is concerned. The PSP2 has been rumored to have the best screen of any other handheld device, and has been said to come with 3G connectivity (although not for phone calls). People might also argue that the PSP2 will have better memory than the 3ds to handle more robust games. After analysing the information available to us, we have decided that the 3ds is the winner as far as hardware features, because although we are sure to get great specs from the PSP2 to handle graphic intensive games, nintendo has delivered a device that we feel is pushing the envelope and is opening the door for great technologies that in the future competitors will be imitating.


Currently no games have been officially announced for the PSP2 system, but we know from several reports that developers have been working on some titles and that Sony is pushing for games that resemble PS3 titles graphically. We have heard rumors of the Uncharted series currently being developed for the device, and we can count on the fact that Sony will bank on portable versions of exclusive games such as god of war or even Killzone to market the PSP2. Again, all of this is pure speculation, but if true, the Sony PSP2 will certainly win the round of game selection. As far as the 3ds, Nintendo has confirmed certain titles that use 3d gaming features, but so far what we have seen is what Nintendo always have aimed for: good titles that bank on playability rather than complex graphics. Sony in the other hand appeals more to the hard-core gaming community and focuses on graphic complexity as well as gameplay.

As far as device software features, we don't expect that the PSP2 will deviate too much from its predecessor, so we can count on the PSP2 being able to handle music and movies. We also suspect that the device will be able to take pictures and even video taking advantage of the rumored front and rear cameras. The Nintendo 3ds has announced the capability to take 3D video as well as 3D pictures, taking advantage of the two rear cameras, but this still does not seem to earn it enough Kudos to beat the multimedia monster that is the portable franchise from Sony. Even with no official game listing, we give this round to the PSP2.


This factor is still very much in the air since at the time of writting of this article Sony has not announced an official price for the PSP2. Nintendo has been criticized lately by analysts that think the 3ds has a very steep price tag at $250US and that its new 3D gaming feature does not justify such price. Historically the Playstation portable franchise has been regarded as the higher end of portable gaming and has been able to get away with a higher price when compared to its competitors, so based on this we will take an educated guess and say that the PSP2 will probably range between $250US and $350US. If Sony is able to keep its prices lower than those on the Nintendo 3ds, Sony will be clearly the winner, however, we don't think that this will be the case.

Which console do you think will win the portable gaming wars? We will have to wait until tomorrow Thursday January 27th when Sony is rumored to announce the PSP2 hopefully with more information on specs, pricing and upcoming games. If this actually happens, kickarss will bring you the latest, so keep tuned in!

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+1 Jakey Bee 2011-01-27 16:12 #1
Neither, if you're older than 16 you seriously need to upgrade to big boy gaming, like the PS3 or Xbox 360. If you're older than 18 and interested in either, you need to seriously GTFO and get a life.

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