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Monday, 19 Feb 2018

iPad 2 is a massive improvement for gaming

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iPad 2 improvement in hardware is grat for gaming

The iPad 2 has a lot of improvements over its predecessor, but as we concern about gaming, we certainly focus on the faster processor that is said to have nine times graphic performance, on top of new peripherals such as the dual cameras and a gyroscope that could make the gaming experience on the ipad 2 far more interactive than what we could experience over the regular iPad.

Software developers are already starting to create software for the iPad 2 in which the use of the processor show an improvement on graphics, such as the game Infinity Blade, which lets the users take advantage of the enhanced abilities of the iPad 2 with improved graphics and overall performance.

Other developers are not only enhancing pre-existing games but creating new possibilities. A new game called Play Kalei from the game developer Chillingo allows the user to take a picture with one of the iPad 2 cameras and upload it into the game to be used as a level. This feature not only extends the lifecycle of the game, but allows to add a personalized touch as well.

The faster hardware of the iPad 2 means more detailed graphics, and games that will have more complex physic simulations and AI. The new gyroscope is now able to detect the force of the finger and provide feedback according to that force. As an example of the use of these new capabilities on the gyrospcope, you could, for instance, tap a balloon harder to increase the amount of air pressure that comes out. Or in Mummy's treasure, you could tap harder to break some blocks, and softer for others.

The mobile gaming community has become very competitive in the last couple of years with Android and Windows mobile operating systems competing against Apple's iOs. Still, some developers feel that Apple has the upper hand in this market because they have set the standard from the beginning in how the mobile gaming industry should produce hardware and software. From its cutting edge iPad and iPad 2 products, to the in-app purchase model, Apple has always been the model to follow and with the new developments and features coming with the iPad 2, it does look like Apple will remain on top at least for the foreseeable feature. Let us know what you think, is the iPad 2 a game changer on the mobile gaming field?

Article source: PCMag

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