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Monday, 19 Feb 2018

Paypal will support Android Market

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Paypal will support Android Market

It has been rumored for awhile now that PayPal would be bringing Android Market support sometime in the future. As of late more evidence of that has been coming to light, mainly from the back-end of the PayPal site interface where you can activate the ability to offer PayPal if you are an Android developer. Well I think this next piece of evidence is pretty self-explanatory.

Someone must have been a little too quick on posting this announcement because after it was posted it was quickly pulled. Seems PayPal has almost as fast of a response time as Playstation does when it comes to pulling/changing things on their sites. According to the announcement, PayPal will be bringing support to all 3 major mobile platforms which as you know is Apple's App Store, Blackberry App World and the Android Market.

This will offer a huge boost to game developers obviously as PayPal is more widely used then Google Checkout by a large margin. However, people in countries who can not see paid applications and games will see little benefit in this. The next step to take would be for Google to open access to paid games for all countries with access to the Android Market and opening up a store front that is web based like the App Store.

The official announcement will probably be made today at the PayPal X Innovate developers conference. For now though it is a step in the right direction and it'll make a lot of developers happy.

Original Article written by Andrew Huff can be found here


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