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Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018

Madden 12 will feature concussion rules

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Madden 12 Will Feature Concussion Rules

Madden is one of the most popular franchises in football. Every year the release of a new Madden is treated like a holiday. We have all played it at some point. We all love its realism and intuitive controls. One of its faults that went overlooked was the use of concussions in the game. In almost every iteration, a player could succumb to a concussion during the game.

That injury only mandated that he be kept out for a short while. Usually, the player was available the next quarter. The oversight is contrary to real life. EA Sports has taken notice and had made concussions a bigger deal in their new video game.

They need to be applauded for the minor tweak. This puts much more emphasis on an injury that is becoming all too prevalent in the NFL. Now kids playing the game for the first time will get an understanding of just how dangerous helmet-to-helmet hits can be.

They may glean just what it means when their favorite player is missing for a couple of weeks for a "concussion."

John Madden stated what the new meant to him recently in a New York Times interview.

"It starts with young kids -- they start in video games. I think the osmosis is if you get a concussion, that's a serious thing and you shouldn't play. Or leading with the head that you want to eliminate. We want that message to be strong."

EA has a monopoly on realistic football games carrying the NFL logo. They very easily could have overlooked this change as trivial. And I for one agree with them on recognizing the obligation they have as educators of the game. Most kids nowadays learn all the specifics of this fine game through Madden. That being the case, they need to know full well how dangerous this game can be.

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