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Saturday, 17 Feb 2018
Displaying items by tag: Conviction

Splinter Cell

Tuesday, 27 July 2010 10:55 Published in Featured
Sam Fisher has been working as an agent for a long time, and his age is starting to show. Seeking a normal life away from the NSA, but always being dragged back, his life has now been filled with emotions since finding out his daughter Sarah was not killed in a drunk-driving accident, but murdered. Now on his own personal mission, Fisher will stop at nothing to find out who killed his daughter. The gameplay has taken a turn in a different direction. You won’t have so many shadows to hide in. Blending in with crowds for stealth during the day, using the environment as a weapon, The story is unfolded in real-time, projected on to the environment to keep you in the game and in the action.


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