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Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018

Killzone 3 Review Featured

Killzone 3 Review Killzone 3 Review

A few will disagree to the fact that the Killzone series are one of the best first person shooters games available on the PS3. This time Guerrilla has returned with the third installment of the series and perhaps we should say they have done with a vengeance. We played both campaign and online game modes, and on both we were pleasantly surprised.



If there was any factor that we can say sets Killzone 3 apart from its competitors, it would definitely be its graphics. If you have a big TV (Specially one with 3D capabilities) this is the game that you would want to use to show off to your buddies what your TV can do. The graphics on Killzone 3 are some of the best that we have seen on any Playstation 3 game, the textures on the faces of the characters, the lighting, the details on the environment and the realism added when rendering natural settings have made in our humble opinion the best-looking first person shooter to date.


That is not to say that the game is perfect, because it isn’t. A few critics have mentioned the weak storyline of the game and we will have to concur on that as well. The storyline of Killzone 3 is rather predictable and seemed taken out of a Rambo-type movie, with character lines that seemed predictable and following the path that Killzone 2 had drawn in the past.


Killzone 3 starts 6 months after Killzone had ended. At this point Rico, one of the main characters, has killed the leader of the Helghan army, Scolar Visari. Once again we find ourselves in the middle of the battle between the Helghan and the ISA.


Much of the cutoff scenes focus on the fight of the Helghan leaders to get control of the leaderless army, this is where Admiral Orlock (Ray Winstone) and Chairman Stahl (Malcolm McDowell) get the opportunity to lash at each other to become the new leader of the Helghan army. Even though we mentioned before the rather weak storyline, we should praise the well-played role of these two characters, bringing life to an otherwise boring story.


Aside from storyline, we were very pleased with the gameplay for the campaign mode. We found the cutoff scenes to be a complement, rather than an annoyance to the whole experience. In comparison to Killzone 2, this third installment has created more likeable characters out of Rico and Sev, we found ourselves sympathizing more with the two of them and as a result we felt even more involved in the game.


The Artificial Intelligence in the game was an improvement over Killzone 2, and we must say we did not play the game at the hardest level, but it was still not challenging enough for us and we found ourselves predicting very easily the movements of our enemies. The Helghast soldiers will hide around the corners sometimes leaving part of their body exposed for you to shoot them at any time, their movements were still very basic when trying to find a spot to hide and most of the time we had enough space to go up close and melee them at will (By the way, the melee added some cool moves!)


We felt the game was really varied, with Sev taking on tanks, robot machines and sometimes flying a jetpack. The levels were also a nice blend that showed off why this is one of the best-looking first person shooters. Snowy mountains, deep jungles and destroyed cities each showing well developed environments and bringing its own color tones and effects to the table.


The single player campaign was by no means perfect, but we consider this game as close to perfection as you can get. Delivering one of the best experiences with more developed characters, quick gameplay, better variety and a whole lot of gadgets to play with. Also, we must not forget to mention that this is the first installment that offers a cooperative campaign mode, so if you want to bring a friend along for the ride, you are more than welcome to do so.


The online experience, however, is second to none. This is without a doubt the best multiplayer we have reviewed to date and unlike the single player mode, we don’t seem to find any aspects lacking. Returning players will find Killzone 3 Multiplayer a familiar in some way, but with a fresh take on online combat.



There are three game types. The first is “Guerilla Warfare”, the traditional deathmatch style gameplay where you and your teammates try to kill the enemies and vice versa. It is pretty much mandatory in any online game where you hold a gun. The second is where the Killzone multiplayer begins to diverge from other multiplayers. “Warzone” offers a variety of gametypes all during the same session, including assassination where one player is chosen at random to either be assassinated or protected in the allotted time, search and destroy where you need to either plant explosives or defend an objective, search and retrieve where you need to find and return propaganda speakers, capture and hold where you need to hold locations for a period of times, and bodycount which is deathmatch, and you play each gametype in a single session. The newest offering, “Operations”, offers search and destroy, capture and hold, and scavenge and retrieve.


In conclusion, we have found ourselves a well-rounded game that has fulfilled most of our expectations. Killzone 3 does have its flaws, but because it’s a very well rounded game, we found ourselves overseeing its negative points and enjoying every minute of gameplay. Don’t forget to check our in depth multiplayer preview and also an overview of the move controls for Killzone 3

Additional Info

  • Title: Killzone 3
  • Date Release: February 22, 2011
  • Platform: PS3
  • Game Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Producer: Guerrilla - Sony
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